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We are a  teaching ministry and a fellowship of believers who  embrace our Hebraic roots. We believe the whole Bible to be relevant for the Church- the body of Yeshua (Jesus).

We study the teachings of Jesus from a Hebraic viewpoint. Yeshua was born, raised, lived and died as a Jew. He taught according to his background which was grounded in His Father's word and made known to us through the Hebrew scriptures. This gives much depth and clarity and a greater understanding of Jesus and his words to us.

We are excited and renewed as we continue to dig and learn the truths of God's word  that are missed  when separated from their Biblical Hebraic origin, which includes the study of the customs , culture and history of Israel.

We also acknowledge Israel to be the Covenant Land and the people of God. We agree with God's word in Romans11 that the Gentile believers are part of Israel's covenant (Hebrews 8:8)  as they are grafted in by faith.